Lithium Complex EP 3 HDB

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Booster Lithium Complex EP 3 HDB is a lithium complex thickened lubricating grease based on mineral oil. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives.


Booster Lithium Complex EP 3 HDB is a modern high performance product setting a new standard for a truly universal grease suitable for both industrial and automotive applications. The product’s all-round properties make it the primary choice for various types of bearing applications including heavy load conditions, vibrating applications and temperature peaks up to 220°C. The lithium complex soap makes the product suitable for applications within a very wide temperature range and especially applications at elevated temperatures. The complex soap structure also gives the product a high degree of mechanical stability. This enhances the performance in vibrating housings and prolongs re-lubrications intervals.

— Excellent at high temperatures
— Very good mechanical stability
— Good corrosion protection


DIN 51502 KPHC2.5N-30

Typical Technical Data

Thickener Lithium Complex
Base oil Mineral oil
Colour Visual Yellowish brown
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2.5
Dropping point IP 396 >260°C
Base oil viscosity at 40°C ISO 12058 215 mm2/s
Base oil viscosity at 100°C ISO 12058 18 mm2/s
4-ball weld load DIN 51350:4 2800 N
Temperature range -30°C to +150°C Max +220°C
Penetration 60 strokes ISO 2137 245-275
Penetration 100.000 strokes ISO 2137 +35
Shell roll stability 50h/80°C ASTM D1831 mod +70
SKF Emcor WWO distilled water ISO 11007 mod 0-0
SKF Emcor WWO salt water ISO 11007 mod 2-2
SKF Emcor WWO distilled water ISO 11007 mod 0-0
SKF Emcor WWO salt water ISO 11007 mod 2-3
Water resistance DIN 51807/1 1-90
Water washout 1h/80°C ISO11009 3%
Separation 168h at 40°C IP 121 2%
SKF R2F test A SKF Pass
SKF R2F test B at 150°C SKF Pass
4-ball wear scar (1h at 400N) DIN 51350:5 0,8 mm
Oxidation stability 100 h/100°C ASTM D942 22,0 kPa
Flow pressure -30°C DIN 51805 1400 hPa
Approx. density at 20°C IPPM-CS/03 0,91

The information above is based on current production data and can vary within given tolerances. Temperature range is given as a guideline only. Information and data can be changed without previous notification. This information replaces prior editions.

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