Booster Injector Cleaner Petrol

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Booster Injector Cleaner Petrol is developed to clean and keep injectors, carburettors and the entire gasoline supply system in optimal condition.


Booster Injector Cleaner Petrol contains a blend of solvents and ash less detergents which act to clean and maintain the cleanliness of port injector nozzles and other fuel system components. Dispersant Water Dissolving Agents in Injector Cleaner completely disperse small amounts of water in fuel allowing its passage through filters, also preventing it from forming ice in fuel lines and keeping water in fuel tanks to a minimum. Corrosion inhibitors in Booster Injector Cleaner Petrol protect injector tips and other fuel system parts from excessive corrosion.


— Cleans injectors, carburettors and the entire gasoline supply system
— Eliminates valve sticking
— Prevents deposits of gums, varnish and sludge
— Reduces gasoline consumption and protects against corrosion
— Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases
— Eliminates rough idling, hesitation or knocking
— Improves combustion and driveability


Color Transparent
Density at 15°C g/ml Transparent
Flash Point °C 0,800
Ignition temperature °C >200

Instructions for use

Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with gasoline.
One bottle treats 40 to 60 liters of gasoline.

Normal use: one bottle every 2.000 km
Intensive or sportive use: one bottle for each tank filling


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.

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