Axinite 0W-30

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The Booster Axinite 0W-30 is a fully synthetic lubricant mandatory for the newest BMW gasoline and diesel engines.


SAE 0W-30
Density at 15 ⁰C, kg/l 0,841
Viscosity -35 ⁰C, mPa.s 5400
Viscosity 40 ⁰C, mm²/s 54,00
Viscosity 100 ⁰C, mm²/s 9,80
Viscosity Index 169
Flash Point COC, ⁰C 225
Pour Point, ⁰C -57
Sulphate Ash, % 0,80


This is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils. This oil is specifically formulated to meet the BMW Longlife-12 FE specification. It is adapted to meet the requirements of the latest technology, highly engineered turbo engines requiring high performance and lower viscosity oils. This product is mandatory in the newest BMW gasoline and diesel engines. It provides a multi vehicle application through the ACEA C2 specification. Optimum formulation for today’s cars with exceptional film strength preventing oil film breakdown and reducing friction providing fuel economy and reliability.

— performance in keeping the engine clean
— superior fuel economy and CO2 reduction
— excellent fluidity at low temperature

Performance level

BMW Longlife-12 FE

By product choice always follow the requirements and instructions of the manufacturer.

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