GearBox CT-MLS 80W-90

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The Booster GearBox CT-MLS 80W-90 is a mineral lubricant with extreme pressure additives for the total drive line and also with a limited slip.


SAE 80W-90
Density at 15 ⁰C, kg/l 0,987
Viscosity 40 ⁰C, mm²/s 145,00
Viscosity 100 ⁰C, mm²/s 14,40
Viscosity Index 97
Flash Point COC, ⁰C 210
Pour Point, ⁰C -30


The Booster GearBox CT-MLS 80W-90 is a universal gear oil composed of paraffinic base oils and selected additives based on sulfur-phosphorus. A special friction additive imparts to this oil the necessary properties to be used in differentials, which are equipped with a «limited-slip» mechanism. This oil is mainly used in all hypoid rear axles with a limited-slip mechanism. This high quality transmission oil contains excellent additives and selected base oils. Good protection against oxidation, corrosion and rust and helps extend gear life. The formulation gives improved frictional properties and is adapted to limited slip applications to obtain the following properties:

— easy shift performance
— a very strong activity against wear, corrosion and foam
— long transmission life
— proven resistance to oil degradation
— excellent «Limited Slip» properties
— widely usable

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