Cargo ExpressWay 5W-30

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The Booster ExpressWay 5W-30 is a fuel economy Heavy Duty engine oil is formulated with unique low SAPS for use in high speed four stroke diesel engines of the latest models.


SAE 5W-30
Density at 15 ⁰C, kg/l 0,855
Viscosity 40 ⁰C, mm²/s 60,10
Viscosity 100 ⁰C, mm²/s 10,00
Viscosity Index 154
Flash Point COC, ⁰C 216
Pour Point, ⁰C -45
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 10,5
Sulphate Ash, % 0,8


This innovative synthetic engine oil is your number one choice to service the most fuel-efficient engines by providing a 2% increase in fuel economy compared to previous CJ-4 formulations. It offers complete engine protection thanks to its wear reducing additives, enabling a unique balance between protection and fuel economy. Furthermore, its improved oxidation control and shear stability guarantee optimized fuel economy during the complete oil change interval.

The formulation of this heavy-duty engine oil enables full compatibility with turbochargers, supercharges and after-treatment systems. It offers complete servicing of the most modern and fuel-efficient engines requiring advanced FA-4 engine oils. It meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers like the Mercedes-Benz 228.61, JASO DL-0-017 and JASO DH-2-017. It is compatible with emission control technology EURO IV, V and VI for trucks; as well as stage IIIB, IV and Tier 4i, 4f for heavy-duty off-road.

Performance level

Cummins CES 20087
Detroit Diesel DFS 93K223
Jaso DH-1-17/DH-2-17/DL-0-17
Mack EOS-5
MB 228.61
Renault RLD-5
Volvo VDS-5

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