4T Endurance 20W-40

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The Booster 4T Endurance 20W-40 is a four stroke engine oil based on high quality mineral base oil.


SAE 20W-40
Density at 15 ⁰C, kg/l 0,890
Viscosity 40 ⁰C mm²/s 116
Viscosity 100 ⁰C mm²/s 13,8
Viscosity Index 117
Flash point COC, ⁰C 232
Pour point, ⁰C -39
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 6,6


This is a mineral 4-stroke oil ensuring your engine to deliver high power and torque, improving control and comfort. Its formulation provides advanced control with smoother gear changes of the integrated gear box. This bike lubricant is specifically developed for city traffic use in underbone motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. It can also be used in other bikes and even gasoline cars, due to the API SL specification.

— excellent engine performance
— adequate protection of systems

This lubricant helps prevent sooth particles sticking together to form deposits and therefore keeps the engine cleaner. It has excellent protecting characteristics and prolongs the life of the engine.

Performance level


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