Booster Diesel Additive

Serienummer: 4002


Booster Diesel Additive is specially developed for drivers who care about car maintenance. This is a preventive product that can be used during the whole engine life. The use is recommended to avoid damage and wear of the Common rail system. Suitable for all types of diesel engines (high pressure systems, Turbo-charging, CDI, TDCI, CRDI, TDI, etc.). Suitable for use with Catalytic Converters and Particle Filters.


Thanks to his properties the Booster Diesel Additive is effective to:

– Lubricate the upper part of cylinders and rings, and make up for the absorption sulphur into diesel.
– Prevent valves and seats from wear.
– Prevent from pinking and auto-ignition.
– Improve engine performances, power and responsiveness.
– Disperse water from fuel.
– Diesel treatment contains antifreeze agents improve cold weather starts.
– Reduce fuel consumption.
– Protect and keep fuel system clean.
– Reduce exhaust fumes.


Physical State at 20°C Liquid
Colour Dark Brown
Density at 15°C g/ml 0,815

Instructions for use

Pour Booster Diesel Additive into tank before filling in and, regarding to diesel treatment, before the outdoors temperature goes below +5°C.

One can treats up to 80 liters of fuel.


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.


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