Booster Cool G11 Blue

Serialnumber: 2802

The Booster Cool G11 Blue is a coolant based on ethylene glycol.


Colour Blue
Density at 20 ⁰C, kg/l 1,069
pH - value 8,15
Freezing Point, °C -36
Water content, % 50


A diluted on ethylene glycol based coolant for use in engines. It employs Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) inhibitor and is nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free and includes borate and silicate. This sophisticated technology eliminates the formation of silicate gel which is observed with inferior products. It offers total and permanent protection of the cooling system and a life span of 3 – 4 years or 60000 km to 85000 km for passenger cars and professional applications. Ready to use solution.

Formulated for use in all engines including those constructed from aluminum alloys. Best choice for older cooling systems that have copper/brass radiators and heater cores, especially for the lead solder used in them. Suitable for cooling circuits of the open or closed type (vehicles and heating) with a protection against freezing until -36°C. This solution is ready to use and can be used during the whole year.

This product provides outstanding protection against corrosion, freezing and overheating of the cooling system.

Performance level

AFNOR NF R 15-601
ASTM D3306
ASTM D4985
BMW N600.69.0
BS 6580
David Brown DBL-7700
Fiat 55523/1
Ford SSM-97B9102A
GM B 0400240
GME 13.368
MAN 324 NF
MB 325.0
MTU MTL 5048
Polish Standard PN-C-40007
Saab 690 1599
SAE J1034
Scania S28917.3
Scania TB 145
VW TL 774-C

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