About Booster Oil

Booster Oil is a Dutch inspired engineered product that originates in the Netherlands. Thanks to the consistently high-quality base oil with a balanced additive package, Booster products meet all the strict requirements and standards that car and machine manufacturers impose on lubricants.

Thanks to the very extensive high-performance products, Booster ensures optimal performance of engines and machines. To meet all user needs, Booster products are supplied in a wide range of manageable packaging. Technical support from specialists and an external laboratory underline Booster’s quality. Everything centres on dynamics and quality.

Our mission

We strive for quality products where a high level of service makes the difference, in unique colourful packaging. We are happy to assist partners in selecting the best transport options.

Our sporty look and feel ensures that every partner is hungry for the best performance, in every type of vehicle.


10 years' expertise


Expertise 1

The variety of export markets allows us to adapt to local needs with unique packaging solutions. The packaging is extremely sturdy for long-distance destinations and ideal for containers.

Expertise 2

Expertise 2

Booster works together with the OEM to ensure the formulations meet the latest requirements, for example, the Titanium 5W30 contains the above Mercedes-Benz approval.

Expertise 3

Expertise 3

Booster developed an Aeromagic range with 5 products for car & bike care. This PET packaging is an innovative spray solution that offers unique advantages such as:

  • Constant pressure
  • Air-based and not gas-based, so not a hazardous material
  • Spray in all directions
  • Transparent
  • No corrosion
  • 98% evacuation
  • Sustainably air-driven

Our efforts create happiness for people and engines

Latest news and events

New product brochure available
20 July

New product brochure available

New dealer in Libya and Hong Kong
15 January

New dealer in Libya and Hong Kong

Booster Racing team in South Korea
15 March

Booster Racing team in South Korea

New product: Booster additives
07 October

New product: Booster additives

Let’s talk and see how we can help

Our sales team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us! Did you know that our team speaks 9 languages?

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