GearBox TR-S 75W-80

الرقم التسلسلي: 2308

The Booster GearBox TR-S 75W-80 is a synthetic transmission fluid with extreme pressure additives for gear boxes with high temperatures and extended drain interval.


Density at 15 ⁰C, kg/l0,858
Viscosity 40 ⁰C, mm²/s65,00
Viscosity 100 ⁰C, mm²/s10,00
Viscosity Index165
Flash Point COC, ⁰C218
Pour Point, ⁰C-45


The Booster GearBox TR-S 75W-80 is developed for gearboxes under very heavy duty conditions together with high temperatures. This oil can also be used for extended drain intervals. This gear oil is formulated with high quality synthetic base oils and special EP-additives to obtain the following properties:

– an excellent thermal stability
– a very high activity against wear, corrosion and foam
– a low pour point
– very high quality EP-properties
– good clutch-switch performance at low temperatures
– long durability – fuel economy

Performance level

API GL-4, Mil-L-2105
MAN 341 Typ Z4/E3
ZF TE-ML 01L/02L/16K
Meets the requirements of
Volvo 97305
Eaton Europe (extended drain)
Iveco, Renault

Available in 1, 4, 5, 20, 60, 208 & 1000 ltr
By product choice always follow the requirements and instructions of the manufacturer.

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