Booster Octane Increaser

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Booster Octane Increaser is an octane booster for unleaded and leaded petrol.


Booster Octane Increaser is developed to boost octane level by 2 – 4 points, improve and restore performance and clean fuel intake systems. The additive lowers the fuel consumption and re¬duces and prevents pinging of the engine. Booster Octane Increaser forms a protective layer on the valve seats that replaces the effect of lead. Because of this, Booster Octane Increaser provides a very effective guard against valve seats. Next to this the engine performance and the acceleration will increase.

This product does not contain lead components and is safe for use with catalytic converters and turbochargers.


– Increases octane number
– Improves and restores performance
– Prevents exhaust valve seat recession
– Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation
– Improves combustion and fuel economy
– Prevents spark plug fouling


Color Clear / Amber
Density at 15°C kg/m³ 0,776
Flash Point °C 60
Odor Characteristic

Instructions for use

Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with gasoline.

One bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of gasoline.
Recommended use: one bottle for each tank filling


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.

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