Booster Brake DOT 4 Racing

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The Booster Brake DOT 4 Racing is a high quality synthetic brake fluid specially developed for competitive motor sport with extreme braking conditions.


Density at 20 ⁰C, kg/l 1,080
Viscosity -40 ⁰C, mm²/s <1800
Viscosity 100 ⁰C, mm²/s 2,59
Boiling point (reflux), ⁰C >320
Wet Boiling point, ⁰C >195
pH - 50% in ethanol solution 7,15


The Booster Brake DOT 4 Racing is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems with the exception of those for which mineral oil is prescribed. It is miscible with all conventional fluids meeting US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4, ISO 4925 and current SAE J 1703 and J1704. Due to the special composition it has the following properties:

— An exceptionally high dry boiling point
— high wet boiling point
— a very good compatibility with seals and gaskets
— minimal corrosion tendency
— optimal viscosity at low temperatures

Mixing this product with conventional brake fluids will reduce its higher quality and therefore it is recommended that conventional brake fluids be drained from the system before flushing and re- refilling.

Performance level

SAE J 1703
SAE J 1704
ISO 4925

By product choice always follow the requirements and instructions of the manufacturer.

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