Booster DPF Cleaner

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Booster DPF Cleaner is an organo-metallic diesel fuel additive to be used as a catalyst for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters.


Booster DPF Cleaner lowers the ignition temperature of soot collected in the diesel particulate filter and optimizes periodic combustion of accumulated soot, a process known as filter regeneration. The unique combination of a clean fuel system, clean combustion with lower emissions and catalyzed soot particles will assist in keeping the catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) as well as the turbo compressor and its variable geometry vanes clean from deposits.


— Ensures trouble-free operation of your DPF-system
— Cleans up and keeps your DPF system clean
— Enables quick and complete soot combustion and regeneration
— Prevents DPF clogging and engine performance loss
— Cleans the engine, the turbo variable vanes and exhaust system
— Reduces emission of smoke, HC, CO and particulate matter
— Improves fuel economy
— Extends DPF and catalyst service life


Colour Amber / Brown
Density g/cm³ 0,792
Flash Point °C > 62
Odor Characteristic

Instructions for use

Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with diesel fuel.

One bottle treats 40-60 litres of diesel fuel.


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.

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