Booster Radiator Flush

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Booster Radiator Flush uses wetting agents and solvents to clean out all types of deposits such as rust, scale and mud. Its wetting ingredients break down the molecular tensions that hold the deposits together.


— The solvents penetrate to all areas where the deposits collect, breaking up and dissolving the unwanted insulation so it can be washed out of the system.
— Resists modern engine high pressure and avoids engine overheating.
— Miscible in all types of coolants and antifreezes and compatible with all types of LPG, fuel and diesel engines (2 and 4 stroke).
— Safe for use in all types of radiators (aluminium, plastics) and fully compatible with heads, blocks and all engine parts. It will not harm rubber hoses or gaskets.


Physical State at 20°CLiquid
Density at 15°C g/ml0,880
Flash Point °C62

Instructions for use

Booster Radiator Flush should be used periodically when changing coolant to maintain cooling efficiency and reduce deposits. It should also be used if overheating of the cooling system occurs.

— Shake bottle before use. When the engine is off and cold, pour contents of bottle into radiator or expansion tank.
— Turn heating on maximum position, start the engine at idle speed or drive for 15 minutes.
— Turn off the engine and when it’s cold, empty and flush radiator with fresh water until water runs clear.
— Refill with recommended coolant.


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.

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