Booster Engine Flush

Номер продукта: 4001


Booster Engine Flush has been designed to clean the whole lubrication system of fuel, diesel of LPG engines with or without turbo. It is miscible in all types of 4 stroke mineral, synthetic and fully synthetic monograde or multigrade oils


Thanks to Booster Engine Flush mud and particles are dissolved into used oil and eliminated during the oil change. The engine is cleaner and the original quality of oil is longer preserved.
Booster Engine Flush also reduces pollution and makes your engine last longer. It has excellent lubrication properties.

Not harmful for catalytic converters.


Physical State at 20°CLiquid
Density at 15°C g/ml0,810
Flash Point °C190

Instructions for use

Before the oil change :
— Pour bottle into crankcase (the product should fill between 10 and 15 % of the crankcase capacity)
— Turn on the engine
— Drive about 200 km or let the engine run for 15 minutes without driving.
— Change oil and oil filter


Before use, read carefully safety instructions on packaging or on safety data sheet.

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